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Explore beautiful countryside at your own pace, enjoying good food and drink without paying a fortune.

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Self guided bike tours

MyBikeGuide tells you how to organise your own self guided bike touring holiday in some of the most delightful parts of Western Europe. They say you never forget how to ride a bike, and even if you haven't been on one since childhood a holiday of this type is perfectly feasible. We choose bicycle routes that anyone can tackle — you decide how much or how little you want to do each day. This website is not intended for lycra-clad cyclists on feather-light bikes, nor for mountain bike enthusiasts who love getting covered in mud, but for the ordinary person (who may not be in the first flush of youth) who has always fancied the freedom of a touring holiday on two wheels.

If you are such a person then read on, or have a look at a typical day in the Mosel Valley, Venice and the Po, a series of articles on the Algarve Ecovia or this series on the Elbe bike path.


Our tours

Our self guided tours let you have fun with your friends and family as you ride quiet routes, taking in the scenery as you go, and at a pace that means you will be a participant in local events rather than an onlooker.

You will work up a good appetite for the regional delicacies, and there's no need to feel guilty if you eat more than you would at home because you'll work it off with a few hours of gentle exercise each day. Also, there's nothing better than fresh air to give you a good night's sleep.

By self guiding your tour you reduce the costs significantly compared with organised cycling holidays and you get to see and do exactly what you and your companions want. We reckon that a week's holiday staying in medium to high quality hotels, drinking and eating well, will cost somewhere around €700 per person, including bike hire but excluding international travel.  You could do it for quite a lot less if you camp and eat in cheaper places.

We choose areas easily accessible from UK, Ireland and the major international airports used by North American, Australian and New Zealand visitors to Europe.


How we help

In our cycling tips we explain the practicalities such as:

  • dealing with luggage
  • transport
  • what to take
  • advice on health and fitness
  • choosing accommodation.

In addition, for selected routes (the Mosel Valley, Alsace, Lake Constance, Île de Ré, Verona-Veneto, the Yonne in Burgundy, Bordeaux, the North Sea Route along the coast of Belgium and Holland, Champagne, Essex reaching into East Anglia, the Algarve and Puglia in the heel of Italy) we cover:

  • how to get there
  • how to choose and book accommodation
  • the recommended route, distances and key sites
  • where to find bike hire and bike repair shops

and we give you a menu translation guide because we think that exploring the local cuisine is as important a part of the holiday as exploring the area.

So why not organise your own self guided tour?

There is plenty of information in our cycling tips and elsewhere on this website for you to organise your whole cycling holiday, but we provide links to organised tours where we consider they offer reasonable value for money.

If you want plans and books then look at the relevant books and maps page for each tour. In general, we recommend:

  • the Rough Guides which offer background reading, the low-down on sites of interest and suggestions for places to stay and where to eat.
  • the Bikeline Guides for detailed maps on the most popular bike routes with lists of B&Bs, bike repair shops etc. We list here the English versions where available, the foreign language versions otherwise - the maps are still very understandable.
  • maps for Denmark, France and Germany (follow the links for more information).
  • the Cicerone Guides which provide quirky maps and guides to some lovely long distance and holiday bike routes in Europe.
Suitable IGN, Michelin, Gault Millau, Lonely Planet, BVA etc publications are also identified in our various books and maps pages and in the individual bike route guides - see the links below.



Information on the Mosel Valley, Alsace, the Île de Ré, Lake Constance, Verona-Veneto, Yonne in Burgundy, Bordeaux, the North Sea coast of the Netherlands and Belgium, Champagne-Ardennes, Essex, the Algarve, Puglia, Switzerland and the Midi region of France is provided in MyBikeGuide. After these French, German, Benelux, Italian, Portuguese, Swiss and English bike tours other flat, beginner-friendly and knee-friendly routes that are supported by railways or other public transport will follow. If you are keen to see a particular route then provide your input and we will do our best to get it done.

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