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Portugal has a unique colour of wine, green, as well as the usual red, white and rose. Green wine is a young, easy-drinking style of white wine from northern Portugal that is slightly petillant. Here is a quick run-down on the most obviously available wines:

  • Vinho Verde (green)
  • Vinho do Douro, which is normally a deep red wine made from Port grape varieties
  • Port, a deep red wine (from the Douro), made by stopping the fermentation early by the addition of brandy before a period of maturation, giving a range of different types of sweet red (and sometimes white), high alcohol wines
  • Dão, made with different grapes from Vinho do Douro and often more rustic in style
  • Alentejo, an up-and-coming area which offers low cost wines, some of excellent quality

An English singer called Cliff Richard (the English Johnny Hallyday or Elvis Presley) has his own vineyard on the Algarve which you can visit.  Go, by all means, but don't bother to taste the wines unless you are more of a Cliff Richard fan than a wine-lover.



"Cerveja". There are basically two brewing companies making the usual international lagers although they also produce:

  • low and zero alcohol beers, "sem alcool"
  • dark wheat-based beer
  • red or brown lagers
  • stout
  • "green" which is sweet and lemony flavoured, and "tango" is similar to the green but with redcurrant flavour.
There is a microbrewery in Lisbon called Lusitana.


Other drinks

You can also get

  • flavoured waters
  • coffee and tea
  • iced tea with added sugar and fruit flavours
  • fruit juices
  • nectars (highly sugared fruit juice-based drinks)
  • "laranjada", orangade
  • and the usual international fizzy stuff


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