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One of the things that has surprised us in developing this website is how hard it is to find and obtain good quality bike maps and how travel guides are full of pictures but little practical information of quality background. 
Map companies are trying to develop new and exciting maps at the same time as the use of GPS develops and a number of websites hold accessible routes.  However map companies struggle to identify to you which maps you need.  What we intend to do on this page is make it easy to get hold of the maps you need to plan and enjoy cycle routes. 
For planning purposes we believe you need to work off a paper map as a lack of knowledge of the terrain, topography and routes that a bicycle is going to take can lead to extra work for the riders.  Once you have these elements in your mind  for your map bike ride then using GPS or photocopies of maps will prove good enough on the road.
Bike repair manuals come out every few years and, lets face it ,there are only certain things that  can go wrong with a bike.  Even so, good pictures and sequential guidance are the keys to regular servicing, our recommended books either get you out of trouble or stop you getting into it.
We offer you books from Rough Guide, Cycline's Bikeline, Michelin, IGN, BVA, Lonely Planet and Cicerone.  If you see better ones please let us know.


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