Bordeaux Route

The bike route offers the visitor the chance of starting at Bordeaux or Bergerac. It follows many of the pre-defined bike paths along the coast (in particular) and old railway lines away from the coast. Apart fromBordeaux these super bike-friendly areas the route follows river valleys with train support. The Garonne acts as a barrier to the route and so we suggest using one of two ferry points to make the crossing north of Bordeaux and a variety of new and old bridges to the south.

Wine is very significant in the area and we recommend you take advantage of wine tastings ("degustations") and visit the the town of St Emilion which is one of only two UNESCO World Heritage wine sites.

Accommodation isplentiful but, given the popularity of this area, finding somewhere to stay at short notice can be difficult in high summer. The accommodation column below provides an indication of the number of hotels or similar in each village/town. The first column in the table shows the main route in blue, a short detour using the more southerly ferry is shown in green and red shows the detour to and from Bergerac. These same colours are shown on the on our Bordeaux map.

  • None: 0
  • Few: 1 or 2
  • Some: 3 to 6
  • Many: 7 or more

Anti clockwise Route

Km from start

Key assets

Bordeaux 0 train stationvinyardchurch Many
Libourne 33 train stationvinyard Some
St Andre de Cubzac 53 train station Few
Bourg-sur-Gironde 65 vinyard Some
Blaye 80 Ferry vinyardWorld Heritage Centre Some
Mortagne sur Gironde 128 Few
Royan 156 Ferry Many
Le Verdon sur mer 156 Ferry Some
Soulac sur mer 163 train station Some
Montalivet-les-Bains 180 Few
Lacanau-Océan 225 Many
Lège-Cap-Ferret 253 Some
Arès 259 Few
Andernos-les-Bains 262 Some
Facture-Biganos 280 train station Few
Salles-sur-Garonnes 294 Few
Balin-Béliet 319 Few
Bazas 354 Few
Langon 369 Some
Barsac 378 train stationvinyard Few
Loupiac 381 vinyard Few
Cadillac 283 train stationvinyardwalledcity Few
Bordeaux 329 train stationvinyardchurch Many

Route in from Bergerac

Bergerac 0 train stationvinyard Many
Sainte Foy la Grande 23 train station Few
Montcaret 46 train station Few
Lamothe-Montravel 49 train station Few
Castillon La Bateille 55 train stationwalledcity Few
St Emilion 67 train stationvinyardwalledcityWorld Heritage Centre Some
Libourne 75 train stationvinyard Some

Alternative ferry from Blaye

Lamarque 1 Ferry Few
Pauillac 14 train stationvinyard Few
St Laurant (close by route) vinyard Few
Lesparre-Medoc 35 train stationvinyard Few
Vendays-Montalivet 47 Few
Montalivet-les-Bains 55 Few

Useful information

Arcachon Basin Tourism
Wine of Medoc
Medoc Tourism
Gironde Tourism
Bordeaux airport
Bergerac airport
Aquitaine Tourism
TER SNCF Aquitaine

Information on each town or village can be obtained from its website by clicking on the place name in the table above. For those that do not provide an English version, see the advice on web translation.


  • walledcity Walled city
  • church Abbey, cathedral or other major church
  • vinyard Vineyard (only if very local)
  • train Station
  • Ferry Local ferry
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