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Champagne overview

Champagne has always been at the heart of France. For instance, the bodies of many French kings are held in the Cathedral of Reims. The winters can be cold and misty and in the summer it seldom gets very hot, a climate that suits sparkling wine production. Meanwhile the Ardenne region of France joins up with the Belgian Ardennes which traditionally acted as a wooded, hilly, buffer between France and countries to the north. As a result you will see the odd military building (castle, fortress or bunker) along the way. We take advantage of the finger of France that sticks into the underbelly of Belgium by riding along the flat but twisting trans-Ardennes bike path which follows the Meuse river.

It is easy to get here from the Channel ports and by train or car from Paris.


Estimated costs

Bicycling holidays in Champagne-Ardenne are not generally offered by large travel agents or international tour operators. But it is perfectly possible to use the web to book bike tours offered by local operators. Accommodation costs are

generally low for France. Epernay and Reims have plenty of accommodation across the range while outside these towns accommodation is more 2 to 3 star rather than 4 to 5 star. Our estimate of the cost of a reasonably comfortable holiday (i.e. staying in medium quality hotels, and eating and drinking moderately well) and assuming you rent a bike, based on riding for 7 days and two people sharing a room for 6 nights is:

Item Calculation Cost in Euros
Bike hire €12/day per bike for 7 days 154
Hotels €80/night for 6 nights 480
Food and drink €40 per person per day, for 7 days 560
Public transport   20
Extras say €20 per person 40









making €1,254 in total, or €627 per person.



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