Constance Typical Day - cycling around the lake

 8.30 Breakfast at our hotel was the usual spread.  We ate lots of bread and cheese, plus ham and salami, just in case we don't find much for lunch.  Then we packed our panniers.

Having checked out we loaded the bikes. It's not even necessary to look at the map before setting off, we just keep the lake on our left and follow the Bodensee Radweg signs.  A good warm June morning. We're sharing the route with in-line skaters, some of whom go surprisingly fast.  


It looks like we will get to Meersburg in time to catch the ferry.  I think we'll hold off our mid-morning break until we get on board.  It's pretty easy riding, we just need to get there on time. 


Well that was straightforward, we bought our tickets from a sort of conductor chap once on board - they don't stop for a moment longer than necessary, these ferries - and put our bikes in the stern with all the others.  Then we headed up to the cafe before sitting outside in the sun to admire the view.  The lakeside scenery is absolutely stunning.

12.00 We get off at Mainau and lock the bikes at the entrance before walking through the gardens.  Then we grab lunch at a Strausswirtschaft bar.  All very jolly.  Despite the good breakfast we manage to find room for asparagus tart.

The bike route to Konstanz is very pretty and blissfully flat.  We get to the waterfront and follow the boardwalk along.  The Sea Life aquarium is a must-see, but should we do it now or tomorrow morning? Let's go now, the sun is hot and it will do us good to be out of it for an hour or two.


Konstanz has some fine hotels and the one that Tourist Information booked for us yesterday is perfect.  The receptionist tells us that there is a jazz concert at the theatre and he can get us tickets.  A quick shower and then we can go walkabout.


We have a beer before dining on fish that tastes like it was still swimming in the lake this morning - it probably was.  Then it's off to the jazz.


Well, we ended up in a bar trying the local wines.  I am absolutely exhausted but I know I shall be asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow.  Tomorrow we will cross the border into Switzerland and a more rural section of the route, which will be a nice change after the bright lights of Konstanz.





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