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Under EU legislation we have to get your permission to use cookies on this site. What is a cookie? It is a small piece of code that tells people on the internet where you are and where you have been, see Wikipedia. As far as we can tell we have only two types of cookie used on this site. If either type is a concern to you then please leave the site now. The two types are:

You will also find information below on:


We use two companies' cookies to understand how visitors use our pages. We want to know which ones are most interesting and which ones are of no interest to the visitor so that we can improve our website and the service it offers to those planning cycling holidays. One of these companies is Google and the other is Attracta (see the symbol at the bottom of the page). No private information is retained as far as we can tell. The most that we have ever managed to see is usage over time periods, which cities visitors come from, roughly what age visitors are and their relative interest in pages. These analytical cookies or others like them are held on most quality websites. If this is a concern to you then please leave this website. 


Persistent cookies are only picked up if you click on the various book, hotel, ferry and insurance product/service links indicated around the website. These little boxes are clearly identified and are placed to help you find the products and services you may need for your holiday.

When you click on such links you may pick up a short term (normally less than 30 days in duration) cookie. This means that if you go back to that website via another route we may receive a very small percentage of what you pay, although you will pay no extra. If you don't like this then do not stay on our website and delete any cookies that you have picked up from it by clicking on external links.


In most cases your browser can be set to inhibit cookies and you can also remove cookies after you have picked them up.


While this legislation is EU driven (E-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC, as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC), within the UK information can be found from the Information Commissioner's Office, the ICO.

We hope this information does not spoil your time on our website and explains cookies sufficiently. 


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