Denmark Maps

The publishers Verlag Esterbauer and a sub brand Cycline produce this Bikeline large range of bicycling holiday maps.Bikeline Denmark Here are those for Denmark.  Some are in English and some in German
Brilliant for planning before you go, in some areas these guides are similar (but with more information) to those given out for free by the local Tourist Information, even so if you want a detailed map with short lists of B&Bs, hotels and bike repair shops this is good stuff. 
  • Brown is the North Sea route; in English
  • Grey is a tour around the Limfjord; in English
  • Red is a path "Heerweg"  going north from Hamburg; in German
  • Purple is a tour of the "Ostsee"; in German
  • Blue is a two-part tour linked by a ferry from Berlin to (K)Copenhagen; in German 
  • And we always recommend planning based on the local Rough Guide.
  • Danish national bike paths
  • Danish railway company
  • Danish tourist information


If you find a better book please let us know at MyBikeGuide. 

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