Elbe Route - Elberadweg

The bike route runs from the German coastal town of Cuxhaven on the North Sea, past the busy western city of Hamburg (with its airport) and then through the countryside that acted as the border between east and west Germany until it crosses into the Czech Republic.  Here it follows the River Lebe to Melnik and then the Vltava into Prague itself.

Accommodation is plentiful for most of the year but the conference season (September) can soak up hotel rooms in the bigger cities.  Hamburg has some very expensive hotels and the further out you stay the cheaper it is.  Prague is a major European attraction and we would recommend making a reservation as early as possible to get good value.  We have indicated approximate numbers of hotels or B&Bs for each place.  There are a great many railway lines and stations within reach of the route and we only indicate here when a town has its own station, athough you will find many more stations between the indicated towns. 

There are many ferries and bridges along the rivers.  We have indicated where a town has a ferry and also the odd occasion where you must cross the river.  Finally we indicate which side of the river we would take but please feel free to try either side.  Once you get to the area you should be able to pick up the latest "Offizielles Eberadweg Handbuch" (an A5 blue book) which gives far more information on the German stretch of our route.  Every German tourist office on the Elbe should have copies of this handbook.  It is free and contains a highly detailed bike map as well as addresses for accommodation and bike shops.  You should not get lost (just follow the river, it will be in sight for most of the way) but it can be no fun being stuck on the wrong bank as dusk starts to fall.  The Elberadweg website provides the same information.

As well as the cross-river ferries, there are a few ferries that travel along the Elbe.  However, they are not of great use for a cycle tour as they are infrequent and are mostly geared up for round trips of the dinner cruise or day trip variety rather than tourists with bikes wanting to travel from A to B.

Accommodation key:

  • None: 0
  • Few: 1 or 2
  • Some: 3 to 6
  • Many: 7 or more
║ our route, │alternate route

North to South Banks



Km from start

Key assets

0 train stationFerry.png Some
Wischhafen 49 Ferry.png Few

103 Ferry.png Few
122 train stationFerry.png Many
147 Ferry.png Few

177 train station Some
201 Ferry.png Some
216 Ferry.png Few
Hitzacker 232 Ferry.pngtrain station Many

255 Some
297 train stationBad Wilsnack Many
338 Ferry.png Many

376 train stationwalledcity Many
Rogatz 424 Ferry.png Cross
458 train station Many
474 train stationBad Wilsnack Many
Aken 520 Cross None
540 train station Many
Coswig / Anhalt
562 train stationFerry.png Few
580 train station Many
Prettin 620 Ferry.png None
Torgau 639 train station Few
Belgern 653 Ferry.png Few
Riesa 682 Ferry.pngtrain station Few
Meissen 706 train station Many
Coswig 717 train stationFerry.png Some
Dresden 733 train stationvinyard.png Many
747 train stationFerry.png Many
752 train stationFerry.png Many
Bad Schandau 774 train stationFerry.png Many
Hrensko 783 czechflag.pngtrain stationFerry.png Some
Lovosice 835 czechflag.png None
Melnik 887 czechflag.pngvinyard.pngtrain Some
Prague 922 czechflag.pngtrainchurch Many (but reserve early)
German Elberadweg
Czech Greenways
Bleckede BioSphere
Elbe Cruise Boats
Bike Taxi Cuxhaven to Magdeburg
Saxony Tourist Info
Magd'burg Hanover the Alle Rad weg
Hanover Hamburg the Leine Heide

Information on each place can be obtained from its website by clicking on the name in the table above.  For those that do not provide an English version, see the advice on web translation below.   


  • walledcity  Walled city
  • church  Abbey, cathedral or other major church
  • train  Station
  •  Ferry.png  Local ferry
  • vinyard.png  Vineyard area

The final route into Prague can be a little dangerous due to a very poor quality path. Hence I have added the following comments.

  • Between Rez and Libice the official trail is dangerous (very narrow, high above the river) and you better take a detour from Klecanky on minor roads through the countryside. To do this you need access to Google maps or similar.

  • To get to the airport from the river In Prague you go through Stromovko park cycle trail no 2

  • Click here to get the Prague bike map


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