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Cycling in East Anglia

East Anglia is pretty flat and some of it has been recovered from the sea or swamp land. The best source of bike path information is Sustrans, a charity promoting bicycle riding in the UK. Their website identifies pure bike paths, low-traffic routes and the safer traffic-heavy routes.

Bike Hire

For your self-guided tour you may need a bike hire shop. Bike hire is available in some larger towns but it is not big business. Where websites exist we have shown them. Depending on bicycle quality you should expect to pay 10 per day although competition may reduce this. You may even want to use this holiday to try renting a tandem. Cities with universities are more likely to have low cost bike hire so Cambridge prices should be very good.
Before you approach a hire shop have a look at the advice in our Bike Guide. Remember that the area is flat so you won't need lots of gears. Helmet wearing is not a legal requirement although you will see roughly 50% of riders wearing them.

Bike maintenance

During your tour we hope you will not need this, but if you do the bike retailers in each large town will provide a maintenance service (at a fee) and due to the flatness there are a good number of bike shops about. Check our puncture repair video at MyBikeGuide before you go. We also recommend a couple of guides on how to repair a bike, one of which is light enough to take with you.


Left luggage

While this has not generally been available in the UK for some years it is coming back. It is still rare so if you want to know about particular stations use this facility link.

Bike transport

Train and bike

Taking a bike on a train is possible but generally you need to book them.


Buses do not carry bikes in this area.


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