Essex Books and Maps

Ordnance Survey Maps are one of the great things given to us by the Victorians. At the 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scale they are excellent maps. If you have the money you will need numbers 155, 154, 169, 168 and 167 to cover the main route, plus 143 to include Ely. Generally these cost less than 6 each.
Working in scales coarser than this means using Philips. (The usual alternative, Harvey, do not publish a map for this area.) Philips have a wide range of maps, including their Atlas range.

The British B&B is a good way to get to meet the English, but hopefully without the "FawltyTowers" experience. The B&B book below is a useful guide to places to stay. As normal we recommend the Rough Guide as it gives you enough history and cultural advice to understand the very English things you will see. We think there is plenty on this website to plan your bike trip but if you want more information for your holiday we recommend the following:

If you think there is anything better please let MyBikeGuide know so we can spread the word.

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