Essex, East Anglia Guide

Essex route overview

Our cycling route in one of the flattest parts of England covers the counties of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex. We have found a circular route which starts in Essex and manages to visit some very fine cities using almost exclusively the Sustrans-recommended bicycle paths. Bicycles are not really core to the English culture and so the extra safety offered by the Sustrans route is beneficial.

The route links up to Stansted airport and Harwich ferry port so is very accessible to visitors from the continent. The route is well supported by railways - virtually every town mentioned in the Essex Route has a station and many of the towns between do as well.


Estimated costs

We assume that this tour takes seven days and six nights. With two people the costs will be approximately as follows:

Item Calculation Cost in Sterling
Hotels £75/night for 6 nights 450
Food and drink £35 per person per day, for 7 days 490
Extras say £20 per person 40





making £980 in total, or £490 per person.





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