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Our recommended booking agent is Hotels.comIt lists a wide range of hotels, both boutique and more traditional in style on the island, at La Rochelle and on the way from any cross Channel ferry.  You can view the comments of guests who have stayed in a particular hotel to help you make a decision.  You may be able to book hotels as part of your ferry trip and this can be convenient, but in general booking via will get you the best available price.

The island websites are pretty good, if slow and with a tendency to "stick", but they struggle to advise on availability and sometimes you get no response from the hotelliers and other suppliers you contact through them.  There are over 130 hotels on the island and some of them set their prices for the July-August high season and don't like to bring them down on their websites.  The benefit of is that they can offer especially good prices without hurting the hotel's website.

Entrance to the Harbour La FLotte

If you are struggling to find somewhere, it is worth contacting one of the island's tourist offices.  Not all will have an English speaker available, but slow down and take time to work with them and they will do their best to help.


Apartments and gites

Given that this is such a small island a single base of a gite or apartment is a perfectly feasible way to enjoy it.   These can be hired via the village websites but do do this early as much of this type of accommodation will have been booked by the same family year after year for the same week.  Outside of the local tourist information office the best supplier will be gites-de-france which was offering 6 gites on the island at the start of 2011.



We are not experts on campsites but it is noticeable that a fair proportion of those on the island are members of EuroCampings and also promote themselves on the village websites.  


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