Ile de Re Typical Day - Cycling on the Island

tank.gifWalked out of our St Martin hotel and over to the harbour.  Choosing the bar in the bright sunlight we ordered the advertised breakfast.  Great coffee, orange juice and the most golden of croissants.  Then a quick stroll round the covered market to admire the displays of fish.
Checked out and mounted up. We thought we'd ride down to the south coast for a swim - all of about 5 miles if we go straight there, but we'll meander a bit, I dare say. A lovely sunny June morning.  The bike path map from Tourist Information seems almost superfluous as you can see the church spires from miles away on this flat island so it's impossible to go far wrong.  I notice that the French don't greet eachother on bikes so I decide I will start a new habit and say "bonjour" to everyone.
10.30 We didn't get too far before we came across another market.  Stalls selling a wonderful mixture of local produce and clothes, including some suprisingly stylish linen shirts in pastel colours.  At the beach it is still very early and few people are about so we ride down onto the sand before browsing in a T-shirt shop that doubles as a cafe.  Even this touristy place is quite classy - we're a long way from Blackpool in more ways than one.  Now, I'll just finish this coffee and then it's time for a swim.
A little chilly but much warmer than in the UK.  Exercise over, we need to look for lunch.  We noticed a mussel bar on the way in.  Will it do?
12.30 This place is slowly filling up.  Mussels, oysters, good French bread and a bottle of Entre-deux-Mers.  Then perhaps a salted creme caramel made with salt from the salt pans we cycled past yesterday.
Let's not go straight back, let's pop along to the winery and taste the local vino.  The path through the pines looks so inviting now the sun is really hot.

Back on the bikes, time to whizz back to the hotel and see if it is tea-time.

4.00 Perfect, these bike trips are easy.  But I might just have a siesta. 
Tonight we are eating at the posh place near the harbour.  The town is warming up for the summer and I saw two Ferraris during the day - plus about 200 bikes.  
To bed. I'm not sure why, but we seem to be sleeping very well on this holiday, despite the naps before dinner. 




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