Italy Maps

There are basically three companies that offer a national range of maps of Italy. In addition you will find most tourist information centres will sell you a local map (normally at some strange scale) which can be good value. The three companies and their websites are:

  1. Touring Club Italiano. Very substantial map books and large map sheets at the 1:200,000 scale which are useful for planning but probably too large for detailed path-following. They also offer town/city maps at a finer scale and province maps at 1:200,000. Good quality, easily available but too big.
  2. Litografia Artistica Cartograficia. They offer a similar range of 1:250,000 and 1:150,000 regional and provincial maps. The latter are just about right for a bike tour but you may need to buy too many.
  3. Edizioni Multigraphic. These are perfect for walking tours, if you don't mind that the maps are not republished all that often.

All these maps can be bought at or other good map shops. We show here the ones we have found most useful.

Road Atlas for planning

Regional Maps


If you find a better book please let us know at MyBikeGuide.

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