Canal du Midi Food


The countryside is hot, with limited rainfall and the air is perfumed with herbs.  So you should expect to see foods based on onions, duck, food from hidden caves and cheaper cuts of meat.   As a result look out for:
  • Roquefort cheese
  • Duck breast and gizzards
  • Apple tart with a local variant called Croustade
  • Cassoulet, which comes from Castelnaudary and is haricot beans with duck or pig or sausage (or any combo) with stock, leeks, onions, carrot, garlic and bacon.  Baked with the crust pushed into the dish 7 times.  Not to be missed
  • Simple dishes like tomatoes with raw onions and olive oil
  • Peppers and onions fried together as a side dish 
You'll not find many menus translated into English, though where you do it will be into German and Dutch as well, your guide book will have a small section on menu advice but if you want more detail then you will need something like the book below.

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