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Bike hire

For your self-guided tour you may need a bike hire shop to rent a bike.  Bike hire exists along the Mosel but few hire shops are on the web.  Where web sites exist we have shown them.  You might even use this holiday to try a tandem.  Depending on bicycle quality you should expect to pay €7-10 per day.  Before you sign the contract with the hire shop have a look at our Bike Guide section for some basic advice.

The bike hire point that is most convenient is the one at Trier railway station, just because it is so easy to find and ideal for anyone arriving by train or bus.  Trier-BicycleService Station (Radstation) in the Main Railway Station Trier at track 11, tel. +49 651 148856, fax 9760734.  Open: mid-April to October daily 9am - 7pm, November - mid-April Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm.

But there are more services at the following towns along the route.


 Nicolay company, Kirch 69, Tel: 0 65 42 / 29 50.


Renate Ammann , Central Street 9, Tel: 0 26 05 / 96 02 42 Fax: 0 26 05 / 96 24 3 Opening times: Easter to mid-November from 9am.


Fun Bike Team , Schanz Straße 22, Tel: 0 65 31/94 02 4.


Joachim hens Himmeroderstr.11, 56867 Briedel, Tel: 06542/41 504, Fax: 06542/901 712


Bahnhof Bullay, Tel: 0 65 42 / 20 74.


Health food store "Wild Wine " has a range of bikes, City Bikes, mountain bikes, kids' bikes and roadside service, phone: 0 26 71/55 51.


Bicycle Rental, Mrs. Wilkes, Tel: 0 26 07 / 13 44, opening times: all year 14:00 to 22:00.


Burg-Bike HQ Lahnstein Tel: +49 (0) 2621 40838, Mobil: +49 (0) 162 219 07 60, E-Mail: bike hire and they also do luggage transfer.

Fahrradverleih Koblenz Gemüsegasse 7, 56068 Koblenz, Germany, 0176 70148061.


Information Office, Mosel Wine Road 35, Tel: 0 65 41/94 81 49 86 or 14.


Roman Wine Village, Roman Street 3, Tel: 0 65 07 / 31 33, including children's bicycles and baby carriers, discounts on multi-day bookings.


Pedelec Electric bike and ordinary bike rentals, bike transfer, 36 bicycles.  Rita Kuntz, Castle Hill Road 21, Tel: 0 65 31/38 75.


FAMO-Vehicle Co Ltd, Bridge Street 16, Tel: 0 65 02 / 23 00.


Ionos Travel Service GmbH, Mosel 4-6, Temmels 54 441, Tel: 0 65 84/95 17 9.


Bicycle Wagner, Old Market Street 4, Tel: 0 65 41 16 49 or Camphausen, Mr. Kogel Straße 7, part wolf, Tel: 0 65 41 32 7. 


Trier-Bicycle Service Station (Radstation) in the Trier Main Railway Station at track 11, tel. +49 651 148856, fax 9760734.  Open: mid-April - October daily 9am - 7pm, November - mid-April Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm.  The postal address is Bike station, Hauptbahnhof Trier, 54290 Trier.

Bicycle Repair Shop (Zweiradwerkstatt) Bürgerservice GmbH Hornstraße 32, tel. +49 651 89555, fax 9981059. Open: year round Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm and Saturday 9am - 12 noon.

Hostel Trier, at the hostel, 54292 Trier, Tel: 0 65 1 14 66 2-0.

Phoenix Radshop, Pauli Strasse 156, 54292 Trier, Tel: 0 65 1 13 68 6.

TINA Youth Workshop, Horn Straße 32, 54294 Trier, Tel: 0 65 1 89 55 5.


Rent a Bike Wasserliesch, Hauptstraße 22 A, 54 332 Wasserliesch, Tel: 0 65 01  12 19 6 Fax: 0 65 01 99 80 11.


Bike maintenance

During your tour we hope you will not need this, but if you do the hire shops will provide a maintenance service (at a fee) even for each others' bikes.  We recommend that you can at least repair a tyre puncture, check out the bike repair video and we identify two books you may want to look at, one of which is light enough to take with you as a bike guide repair manual  


Left luggage


Heathrow and Paris all have relatively expensive luggage storageFrankfurt only has small luggage lockers.


Bike underground garage - next to the Porta Nigra in the city centre is aguarded bicycle garage for about 400 bicycles.  The fee is €1 per bicycle (including saddle bags) per day.  You can also store other luggage there at €1 per day.  Long-term bicycle parking is also available at 10 per month. Tel +49 651 978080.

Secure bike lockers are installed at the fairground below the Konrad Adenauer Bridge, and can be used (for a fee) for a maximum of 48 hours.  Contact Tourist Info on tel +49 651 978080.

There are small lockers (suitable for luggage, not bikes) at the main railway station for a maximum of 24 hours.  Tel +49 651 1422433. 


Bike transport

Train and Bike

Information about departures and prices within Germany are available on the internet (in English) from the German national rail service: DB Bahn or tel. 0800-1507090 (free from a German phone).  The trains of the DB Regio in Rhineland-Palatinate and in Saarland offer free bicycle transport Monday to Friday from 9am and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at all times, providing space is available.  But you must buy a regional (Nahverkehr) one-way bicycle ticket for travel before 9am Monday to Friday.  There is a cyclists' hotline on 01805 151415 that currently costs €0.14/min.

Taxi and Bike

Karl Schuster has a taxi with bicycle trailer: Mosel-Taxi Karl Schuster, tel. +49 6507 802313.  He will do pick-ups from Hahn Airport.

Bus and Bike Mosel

Regio-Radler (a scheduled bus service with a bike trailer) operates daily from 1st April to 1st November between Trier and Bullay along the Moselle and between Trier and Echternacherbrück along the Sûre.  Regio-Radler also operates in Rhineland-Palatinate along the Ruwer-Hochwald Cycling Trail during the same period but only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and on non-school days.  For timetables, information and reservations see Regio-Radler.

Bus and Bike Saar-Upper Mosel

The Bicycle Bus of the Saar-Upper Moselle Touristik can transport you and your bike to Luxembourg, Echternach, the Saar Bend, Thionville or Bernkastel-Kues. From there, you can cycle back to your starting point in Konz or Saarburg. For information contact Saar-Obermosel-Touristik, tel. +49 6581 19433, fax +49 6581 9959829, Saar-Obermosel.


There are passenger ferries sailing up and down the Mosel during the summer months and the same companies offer evening trips with food, drink and music, which can be fun after a good day's exercise.  Nearly all the boats offer soft drinks, beer and wine and will carry a reasonable number of bikes.  All the tourist information offices carry information as do the docks, but understanding the timetables can require a bit of study.  You can find the same information at Mosel-Schiffs-Touristik, K-D and Gebr. Kolb.







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