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The River Moselle rises at Busang in the southern Vosges mountains and rolls down through France, becomes part of the border between Luxembourg and Germany and then passes through Germany to its confluence with the Rhine at Koblenz. We recommend cycling the stretch of the Mosel (as it is called in Germany) from Trier to Koblenz for a holiday as this coincides with good local transport, accommodation and scenery. We describe the tour going west to east (downhill). There is a lot of information on the web and from tourist information offices but this guide aims to offer everything an English speaker would need to organise a great holiday.

The river winds between almost vertical cliffs of vineyards to the north and more open hills to the south. The cycling route is mainly traffic-free and for many stretches there is a choice of which side of the river to follow. Both the main and alternative routes are shown in simple form in the table below. It is about 185km (115 miles) from Trier to Koblenz, making this a gentle 5-7 day trip.


We know that planning is part of the fun, this is what we used for this holiday:

Whether you are a regular cyclist or have never taken a cycling holiday before, the Mosel Valley is a good choice. It is well provided with cycle paths, pleasant places to visit and spend the night, bicycle hire and repair shops, a railway and bus routes. Some stretches can even be travelled by boat, with or without your bikes.


Estimated costs

If you book a Mosel bike tour through a travel agent or tour operator you will pay anything from about €480 to $3,000 depending on exactly what you are getting. At the top end of the scale, the prices seem to include a hefty mark-up. Our estimate of the cost of a reasonably comfortable holiday (ie staying in medium to high quality hotels, and drinking and eating well) and assuming you rent a bike, based on a tour of 6 nights and 7 days for two people sharing a room is:

Item Calculation Cost in Euros
Bike hire €12/day per bike for 7 days 154
Hotels €65/night for 6 nights 390
Food and drink €50 per person per day, for 7 days 700
Public transport say €5/day per person on average 70
Extras say €50 per person 100







making €1,414 in total, or €707 per person.


We generally refer to this valley as "Mosel" in Germany and "Moselle" in France.

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