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North Sea route overview

The North Sea cycle route is the world's longest sign-posted bike route but (obviously not continious as there are too many ferries). The official route follows the coast of the North Sea and passes through Scotland, England, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway.
We've selected a small part of the route through Flanders and Zeeland, between Zeebrugge and Rotterdam, to take advantage of the ferry routes from Hull. We also provide other possibilities based on alternative open jaw ferry routes along the Channel and the rest of the North Sea. The bike paths through Holland and Belgium are excellent. This route is not well supported by railways but cycling facilities in general are world class.


Estimated costs

Cycling holidays along the North Sea route are not generally offered by overseas travel agents or tour operators, but it is perfectly possible to use the web to book bike tours offered by local operators. Accommodation and other costs are reasonable for the Netherlands and Belgium because the route avoids cities and large towns, with the exception of Bruges. Our estimate of the cost of a reasonably comfortable holiday (ie staying in medium quality hotels, and eating and drinking moderately well) is below. We've assumed you take your own bikes on the ferry although bikes can be hired (see here) for about €10 per bike per day. The estimate assumes the route takes you 5 days (this would require you to travel 35km per day) with half a day off in Bruges to see the sights, and the cost is based on booking the ferry early for use in May or September (prices often rise in August and if booked late).


Item Calculation Cost in Euros
Ferry for 2, including buffet supper and breakfast 435
Hotels €80/night for 4 nights 320
Food and drink €40 per person per day, for 4 days 320
Extras say €20 per person 40


making €1,120 in total, or €560 per person.



Web translation

A lot of the smaller tourist web sites are written in Dutch only although some have pages in German, French or English. Even if the site is in Dutch this should be no barrier to you using it as Google offers a number of translation solutions. Our preferred option is the Google toolbar which can be downloaded, as the quality of translation is reasonable and in most cases the web page will appear in English as you read down it. This means it is always up to date and integrated with the website.


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