Portugal Maps

There are basically three companies that offer a good range of maps of Portugal. In addition you will find most tourist information centres will sell you a local map (normally at some strange scale), which can be good value. The three companies we know about and their websites are:

  1. Turinta. A local company; they offer a full range including city maps and GPS data sets. The green maps shown below vary in scale between 1:300,000 and 1:160,000 with the coarser scale being in the north.
  2. Michelin. A good range at 1:200,000.
  3. Reise Know-How.

We have also recommended the Rough Guide Algarve map in the past but it appears to be out of print and is quite out of date (2010). "Cycling the Algarve" looks like a worthwhile purchase.

All these companies have products for sale at Amazon.co.uk or other good map shops.

Turinta road maps

Rough Guide Book & Algarve Map


If you find a better book please let us know at MyBikeGuide.

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