Puglia Route

We start in Bari on the coast and ride (or take the train) up onto the Murge plateau from where we circle (clockwise), visiting ancient towns then dropping down to the coast as required at Brindisi, Lecce or Taranto.  Both Bari and Brindisi have large, popular international hotels while in other towns you are more likely to meet Italian holidaymakers and other cyclists.  We have selected roads for this Puglia route which are generally quiet, may be based on ancient Roman roads and, on occasion, follow long distance Italian bike paths.  

This route in the heel of Italy is a little hillier and somewhat less well supported by railways compared to most of our other routes.  However, the local wine and food are excellent.  For historical military reasons many of the towns are based on little hills.  This means that to get into town you have to ride/walk to the top - not always welcome at the end of a long day's ride.  Sorry, but that's just how it is and the pretty hilltop towns more than make up for the effort.

Accommodation key:

  • None: 0
  • Few: 1 or 2
  • Some: 3 to 6
  • Many: 7 or more
West to East Route

Km from start

Key assets

Bari 0 castle.pngchurchtrain Many
Gioia del Colle *
39 castle.pngvinyard.png Some
Noci 57 church Some
72 lots of trulliblank.png Some
81 churchvinyard.png Some
Martina Franca 88 churchwalledcityvinyard.png Many
112 walledcitychurchvinyard.png Some
San Vito dei Normanni
127 castle.pngchurch Few
Mesagne ** 141 castle.pngwalledcitychurch Some
Cellino San Marco
159 blank.png None
Lecce 182 castle.pngchurchwalledcitytrain Many
Salice Salentino 202 churchvinyard.png Some
Manduria 232 castle.pngchurchvinyard.pngwalledcity Some
Taranto 264 churchvinyard.png Many
Palagianello 295 castle.png Few
Palagiane 302 blank.png None
314 church Few

Gioia de Colle

337 castle.pngvinyard.pngwalledcitychurch
Back to Bari 376 blank.png
*Detour Gioia to Gravina
44 churchtrainvinyard.png Some
**Detour Mesagne to Brindisi
16 churchcastle.pngtrainvinyard.png Many
Italian tourist information blank.png
Puglia tourist information blank.png
Italian Touring club blank.png
The railway line For rail maps etc.
Italian Trains
Naples Airport
Brindisi Airport
Bari Airport


  • walledcityWalled City
  • churchAbbey, Cathedral or other major church
  • trainStation
  • vinyard.pngvineyard area
  • castle.pngCastle

Most of the websites we suggest do not have a good English version.  If you need translation see the advice on web translation.
Italian tourist offices tend to be in low cost buildings so they move from year to year - don't be surprised if the office you are looking for isn't where it is shown in your guide book or map.  If in doubt, ask a local.  
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