Verona Bike Hire - Including Local Transport

Bike Hire

For your self-guided tour you may need a bike hire shop to rent a bike.  Bike hire is available in most of the large towns of the area.  Where bike rental shops' websites exist we have shown them.  Depending on bicycle quality you should expect to pay €7-10 per day although competition may reduce this.  You may even want to use this holiday to try renting a tandem.  
The bike hire shops that are most convenient are in Verona but we have added others as we have discovered them.  Before you approach a hire shop have a look at the advice in our Bike Guide.
  • La Bice E ... , Via San Lucillo, 18, 37139 San Massimo Verona
  • Osteria a la Carega, Cadrega, 8, 37121 Verona
  • Green Line Mobility S.r.l., Vendita e Noleggio Biciclette e Carrelli, Via Trezza Gaetano, 21/C 37129 Verona
  • Los Locos Bike Shop, Lazise, Verona, skype: loslocos06  
Bike rental shops also exist in Venice and Ferrara.

Bike maintenance

During your tour we hope you will not need this, but if you do the hire shops will provide a maintenance service (at a fee) even for each others' bikes, and luckily there are plenty of bike repair shops in the area too.  We list below just a few of these on our route. Check our puncture repair video at MyBikeGuide before you go.  We also recommend a couple of guides on how to repair a bike, one of which is light enough to take with you.
  • Patos Cicli S.n.c., Via Verona, 40/c, 37063 Isola della Scala
  • Blubike Group S.R.L., Viale Europa, 22, 37045 Legnago Address:
  • Biciclette Di Pesarin Gian Pietro‎, Via Pier Domenico Frattini, 33, 37045 LegnagoAddress:
  • Coccia - Vendita Riparazione Biciclette, Via Zuccherificio, 2, 35042 EsteAddress:
  • Bike Point Di Roncolato Francesco‎, Via Luigi Cadorna, 8, 35043 MonseliceAddress:
  • Biciverde Di Bernardini Filippo‎, Via Orti, 17, 35043 MonseliceAddress:
  • La Bicicletteria‎, Via Battaglia, 199, 35020 AlbignasegoAddress:
  • De Franceschi - Meccanico Cicli‎, Via Andrea Mantegna, 35030 Selvazzano Dentro PaduaAddress:
  • Bici Center Di Cappellari Luca‎, Via Michele Sanmicheli, 1, 35123 Padua
  • Stefanelli - Cicli E Riparazione Cicli‎, Via 4 Novembre, 15, 35035 Mestrino PaduaAddress:
  • Pianeta Bike Di Romagnolo Roberto E Menegolo Giorgio‎, Viale Trieste, 151, 36100 VicenzaAddress:
  • Biciclette Leardini Sas Di Pinelli Marc, Via Camporosolo, 25, 37047 San Bonifacio
  • Cicli Cont, Via 4 Novembre, 2a, 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto
  • Zordan - Cicli, Piazza Don Angelo Menegazzi, 3, 37062 Villafranca di Verona.

Left luggage


  • Heathrow has relatively expensive luggage storage.
  • Paris has relatively expensive luggage storage.
  • Bologna has left luggage for €6 per day, but most Italian airports do not have left luggage facilities.


Major Italian stations provide a left luggage service with a complicated charging rate which works out at around €12 a day, for example:


Bike transport

Train and bike

The TrenItalia website is a little difficult to use but the company generally welcomes bikes on trains , allowing them on local trains, although they do levy a charge.  The rules about bikes on “National” trains are both more complicated and more restrictive but they are more flexible if you transport your bike in a bag. Look out for bike symbols on the timetables.


Buses are based around each of the cities and do not carry bikes.
  • Verona; ATV runs the buses
  • Vicenza FTV runs the buses and the trams
  • Padua (Padova); APV runs the buses and the trams
  • Venice; ACTV runs the buses and the waterbuses.


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