Verona Route

The bike route is anti- or counter-clockwise from Verona, with optional detours to Venice and Vicenza, and  is designed to acclimatise you to the peaceful quiet of the open fields to the south before the more interesting cities to the north.  We have marked the castles and walled cities on the map and local train services are close by throughout the ride.  There are many alternative rides in the area, including on the long distance bike paths which pass through Ferrara to the south.  You can find out more about these from Verona Bike.  The Euganian hills rise out of nowhere and are pretty steep but very small and so great fun to traverse, although you may prefer to explore them on day trips rather than taking your luggage with youVajotwo Common License.  Local tourist information offices are hard to find but they will provide information on other bike routes in the area. 


Accommodation on the route just to the south of Vicenza is spread out but is still feasible.  Accommodation elsewhere on the route is easier to find but, given the popularity of this area, finding somewhere to stay at short notice can be difficult in high summer. The accommodation column below provides an indication of the number of hotels or similar in each village/town.  The colour of the first column shows the main route in blue to the south and green to the north with the Vicenza detour in purple and the Venice detour in red.
  • None: 0
  • Few: 1 or 2
  • Some: 3 to 6
  • Many: 7 or more

Place of Interest






0 castlewalledcitytrain English Many


16 train Many

Isola della Scala

34 castletrain Few


62 train Few


78 walledcitytrain Some


94 train English Few


103 castletrain English Few

Abano Terme

119 train English Many

Padova (Padua)

129 walledcity English Many
Junction (see pin) 153 Few


180 train Few


190 train Some


195 castlewalledcity Some

San Giovanni-Lupatoto

219 Some
Verona 228 castlewalledcitytrain English Many
Detour from Padova 0
Mira 22 train (@ Mirano-Mira) Many
Venezia (Marco Polo Airport) 45

trainvarious (not airport)

English Many
Detour to Vicenza from pin 0
Vicenza 12 train English Many
Italy Tourist Info English
Verona Region English
Veneto Province English

Information on each village can be obtained from its web site by clicking on the village name in the table above.  For those that do not provide an English version, see the advice on web translation.   


  • castleCastle
  • walledcityWalled City
  • StationStation
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