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Yonne hotels

Our recommended booking agent is Hotels.com.  It lists a wide range of hotels, both boutique and more traditional in style, in Auxerre (the largest place on the route and the suggested starting point), all the way along the Yonne bike route and back to the ferry ports, airports etc.  You can view the comments of guests who have stayed in a particular hotel to help you make a good selection.

Watch out when booking somewhere to stay in Auxerre as some of the accommodation is well outside the centre and aimed at long distance travellers who want to be near the motorway.

Once you are in the area or using local websites, you can often book through the local tourist offices, or they will at least help you to make a booking yourself.  Most tourist offices will have an English speaker available.  You can use our Yonne Bike Guide to find the village and regional web sites which generally provide good access to the smaller facilities. 


North entrance of the canal tunnel at Pouilly-en-Auxois

Yonne guesthouses & B&Bs

We have not been able to find a single source for booking quality small guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts on the web.  However, the Yonne bike route does have this type of accommodation and you can access information via Google Maps by typing in "Chambre d'Hote" or "Bed and Breakfast" when you have a map of the area open on your screen.  Gites de France also offer Chambres d'Hote on their website - they are the blue dots when you get to village level on their map.

Otherwise, if you prefer to stay in accommodation of this type then we suggest that you (in this order):

  1. use Hotels.com
  2. look at the web sites of the villages you are interested in (see the table in our Yonne Bike Guide)
  3. Google "Bed and Breakfast" or "Chambre d'Hote" plus the name of the Yonne town/village in question.

Yonne apartments & gites

Generally you need to book an apartment for 3 or more days, probably a week in high season, but for a family with young children this can be a great way of enjoying the area.  If you choose an apartment in one of the larger places such as Auxerre or even tiny Cravant, then with a little planning you could use the trains to get back at the end of each day's ride and so avoid having to carry luggage.

Gites provide rural accommodation that is often of a very high standard and is a good option for anyone wanting a peaceful, countryside base.  Gites de France offer a comprehensive service covering the whole country but you can also book similar properties from the websites in the Yonne Bike Guide.


Yonne campsites 

We are not experts on campsites but there are a number beside the rivers and canals of the Yonne.  EuroCamping offers campsites in all these areas.


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