Yonne Bike Hire - Including Local Transport

Burgundy Canal

Bike hire

For your self-guided tour you may need a bike hire shop to rent a bike.  Bike hire is available in most of the large towns of the area.  Where bike rental shops' websites exist we have shown them.  Depending on bicycle quality you should expect to pay €7-10 per day if booked for a week.  Bookings for just a day can be as high as €25.  You may even want to use this holiday to try renting a tandem.
There are only a limited number of bike hire shops in the area but they should deliver.  Nearly all will offer maps, tour booking and luggage transport.


Bike maintenance

During your tour we hope you will not need this, but if you do various bike shops will provide a maintenance serviceCheck our puncture repair video at MyBikeGuide before you go.  We also recommend a couple of guides on how to repair a bike, one of which is light enough to take with you.
  • Auxerre has a fair number of bike repair shops of which these look very good:
    • Cycles-Carvalho, 81, Rue du Pont, tel. 03 86 51 55 26
    • Cycles Valerian Guenin, 5 Rue Brazza
  • Bassou has l'Atelier de la Grange aux Cycles at 60 Grande Rue.
  • Cravant has Velos89 at 6 Rue de l'Eglise, tel. 03 86 42 27 36, mobile: 06 08 15 08 47.
  • Clamecy has CMC Cycles et Sports at 7 Rue Petit Marché, tel. 33 3 86 2715 42.


Left luggage


  • Heathrow has relatively expensive luggage storage
  • Paris has relatively expensive luggage storage
  • Geneva has various left luggage types which are on the station concourse


Major French stations have left luggage lockers.

  • Geneva Gare Cornavin does not but the airport does
  • Lyon Part Dieu has lockers and manual storage
  • Paris Bercy does not
  • Paris Gare du Lyon (next to Bercy) has lockers and manual storage
  • Auxerre St Gervais does not.


Bike transport

Train and bike

The SNCF website is a little difficult to use but the company has developed a separate regional train mini-site under the brand TER SNCF.  Your interest is likely to be based on the Bourgogne section if coming from Paris or Rhones-Alpes if coming from further south.  If not just use the normal SNCF website.  TER's rules on bikes are  to be found at Tourisme velo though they are in French.  They offer a number of options and will carry bikes on regional  trains.  They even offer to ship your bike ahead for you. 


  • Auxerre has its own bus service.
  • The Yonne department has some inter-town buses.





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