Yonne Route

The bike route is a figure of eight with Auxerre, the largest town on the route, at the centre. The local railway system follows three quarters of the route. The major part of the tour fauxerre tour horlogeollows beautiful rivers and canals (and sois reasonably flat) before going up into the hills between Auxerre and Chablis past a number of specialist wineries until you reach the world famous Chablis wine region.

Accommodation isplentiful but, given the popularity of this area, finding somewhere to stay at short notice can be difficult in high summer. The accommodation column below provides an indication of the number of hotels or similar in each village/town. The first column in the table shows the main route in blue to the west, green south east and red to the north east and is the same as the coloured route on the Yonne Map .

  • None: 0
  • Few: 1 or 2
  • Some: 3 to 6
  • Many: 7 or more
Place of Interest



Auxerre 0
StationVineyardCathedralAbbey Many
Champs sur Yonne (-St Bris) 7 Request StopVineyard Few
Vincelles 12 Request Stop Some
Cravant 18 Station Few
Mailly la Ville 29
Request Stop Few
Chatel Censoir 40 Request Stop Few
Coulanges sur Yonne 49 Request Stop Few
Clamecy 58 StationChurch Some
Vezelay 81
BasiliqueWalled TownVineyard Some
92 Request Stop None
Voutenay sur Cure 96 Request Stop None
Saint-Moré 98
Arcy sur Cure 104 Station Few
Lucy sur Cure 108
Request StopN6 None
Vermenton 112 Request StopN6
114 Request Stop
Cravant 122 Station
Vincelles 127 Request Stop
Champs sur Yonne 132
Request Stop
St Bris 136 Vineyard
Chitry 140
Vineyard Few
Chablis 152 VineyardWalled Town Some
Ligny le Châtel 163 AbbeyViticulture Few
Pontigny 168 Abbey Few
Migennes (Laroche-) 187 Station Few
Chemilly 189 Request Stop Some
Moneteau 196 Request Stop Many
Auxerre 205 StationAbbeyCathedralVineyard Many
Detour from Vincelles
Burgundy Tourist
Pretty but hard to use website
Yonne Tourist
Very useful regional website
Morvan Parc Morvan Natural Park

Information on each village can be obtained from its web site by clicking on the village name in the table above. For those that do not provide an English version, see the advice on web translation.


  • walledcityWalled City
  • churchAbbey, Cathedral or other major church
  • vinyardVineyard
  • trainStation
  • Request stop trainRequest stop station
  • N6 small stretches on the Route Nationale 6
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