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 We are really keen to offer the best information to make your bike tours enjoyable. So far in developing MyBikeGuide each of our cycle touring guides, covering the Mosel Valley, Alsace, the Ile de Re, Lake Constance, the Yonne in Burgundy, Verona in the Veneto, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Midi, the Elbe, North Sea, Puglia, and Essex,  has taken around 100 man hours so we would like to know where else we should plan and what details are wrong or missing.

Please let us know.

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March 30, 2011
First thoughts

It's 60 days since we started MyBikeGuide during a wet week in Essaouira . We are working on a range of biking articles and also tours of the Po Valley and the Netherlands. What would you like us to develop?

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Apr-7 8:12am

Hi Bilbo,<br /> Thanks for trying to help me find rental bikes in Donaueshingen. The Donau-Radweg folk responded, they only work with packages, not independent bikes wanting just bikes. The Donaueschingen tourism office have given me the names of two shops in the town that rent bikes, I&#039;ve yet to determine if we can leave the bikes in Passau. We&#039;ll get there, thanks for your help

Joel Caine

Jan-24 10:36pm

How about coming to the Dordogne for a tour around the chateaux and the caves of the Vezere Valley.<br /> <br /> A note about your cycling tips : It is true that many hire bikes are sturdy to withstand heavy use or abuse, but here at Bike Bus and many other rental places that I know of, we also rent out carbon framed road bikes, full suspension mountain bikes and some really nice kit that make your cycling holiday really special. <br /> Happy cycling you all ...



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