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 We are really keen to offer the best information to make your bike tours enjoyable. So far in developing MyBikeGuide each of our cycle touring guides, covering the Mosel Valley, Alsace, the Ile de Re, Lake Constance, the Yonne in Burgundy, Verona in the Veneto, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Midi, the Elbe, North Sea, Puglia, and Essex,  has taken around 100 man hours so we would like to know where else we should plan and what details are wrong or missing.

Please let us know.

Your Input

April 14, 2011
Coming up

Our Verona bike guide is almost finished and should be published early next week. It's been great fun putting together as we have had to work with Italian Tourist Information which can be a struggle, don't ever think you know where the offices are let alone what the website are called. Still almost there.

Despite lots of interest in our Ecovia do Litoral articles I think we will do a Chablis based bike route next as it is so pretty even though train support will be limited.

Any thoughts?


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Jan-26 8:59pm

Free tandem hire to people with special needs or disabilities. Locations all over the UK including North Essex.

Donna Oran Valente

Feb-26 8:46am

Hello, I'm an American gal living in Puglia off the blue line of the Italian designated bike route. I see tour bikes coming through now & again and noticed on your site that 'few' rooms are available. I would like to offer our place. We have a vacation villa which sleeps up to six, an adjoining studio for 3 more & a hostel-type apt in our garage for 2 more folks. Check us out at or let me know how I can offer this to folks traveling through Puglia. I also offer low-cost airport or train station pick-ups with a car bike rack which will hold 3. my number is 39-3286453734 & I speak English & Italian if anyone ever needs assistance in the area. I've been here for 7 years this time, but in-out of Italy (Naples & Puglia) for the past 25. Love your website which I just found while trying to find a map of the bike route on my back road?? any help u can provide is greatly appreciated. I see the while lines & bicycle road markings, bike sign & map posted at the end of my road but can't find it on-line to share with my guests-friends interested in biking here.



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